Vision & Values

Purpose, Vision and Values

Every success story has a strong, dedicated team behind it that never stops fighting for wins.  Together, a successful team knows where it’s going and why.  It shares a purpose – a reason every single person on that team gets up out of bed each day, steps out onto the playing field and tackles all challenges with passion.

Our promise: We make people move 

This is why we get out of bed every morning. Why we train so hard. This is why we’re even in  this business game. In everything we do, our first priority is to help our customers make people  move. We do this through inspiration, product development, consultation, landscaping, etc. and  by building in fun experiences in our facilities/equipment. Our first question to customers is not  what products or solutions they need, but how we can help them get more people to move. 

a healthier society unisport

Our vision: A healthier society

By building in fun experiences in our facilities/equipment, we get more people using them and more movement for people, leading to better health and more happiness in the society as  a whole.

Our Values:  

– we are always looking for the next innovation to constantly improve our ability to inspire people and help them find the joy in movement. 

– we enthusiastically seek to understand our customers, committing ourselves to creating the best solutions for them and supporting them with all they need. 

– we are always there for our customers, and strive to make their lives easy. Safety, security and quality are givens, as are acting responsibly and professionally. 

Being inspiring, passionate and reliable is about increasing activity, fun and engagement wherever we go. It’s about adding that spurt of energy that will bring athletes to a new level in their sport, or get kids eager to try something new on the playground. Or sometimes even to simply put down the smartphone and go to the playing field at all these days.

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Våre helhetsløsninger gir de beste forutsetningene for både utøvere og tilskuere. Sammen kan vi tilby deg et komplett produktutvalg og et omfattende servicekonsept for både utendørs og innendørsidretter.

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