Air Domes

Our air domes are designed for all areas of professional and recreational sports activities throughout the year and can roof football fields, athletic areas, ice hockey rinks, tennis courts and swimming pools. Thanks to Air Domes the potential usage of sports facilities improve significantly, allowing the season to last all-year.

An Air Dome is a cost effective and popular solution in the construction of sports facilities. As they are air-supported structures, they require no supporting structure. Materials used in the manufacture of Air Domes are selected specifically for each project after consideration of the installation site, weather conditions and intended use.

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The double membrane system reduces operating costs: being translucent no additional lighting is required in the day time. In addition, the double membrane system acts as a thermal and acoustic insulator. Operational costs can be further reduced by integrating the DBS Engineering ESS heating and ventilation system and DBS Engineering double insulation membrane.

Air Dome applications:

  • Large football grounds
  • Smaller football grounds
  • Rugby grounds
  • Athletics areas and multi-purpose sports grounds
  • Swimming pools or water parks
  • Hockey pitches
  • Tennis courts
  • Golf courses
  • Volleyball courts
  • Industrial, storage and other spaces

Unisport Air domes are manufactured according to the EN 13782 standard. Their producer DBS Engineering has more than 30 years of experience of making air domes, which guaranties the high quality of Unisport Air Domes.

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