Artificial turf - responsibly and sustainably

How to handle artificial turf responsibly and sustainably

When an artificial turf field is up for replacement, it is important to handle the of artificial grass responsibly. By delivering it to a certified recycling facility or reusing the components where they are best suited for further use. When doing so, it is secured that all components in the old field are used in the best possible way, both considering sustainability and functionality. The results are – a sustainable industry, a healthier society and a greener planet.

The grade of activity is rising and so is the need for artificial turf as a central part of activity areas. By installing, maintaining and handling these turf fields in a proper, sustainable and correct manner – we secure the future of sports in the best and most environmentally friendly way possible.
We are responsible for handling our products in a correct and sustainable manner. As an owner, player, maintainer, installer and producer; we work with our customers to provide the most environmentally friendly products available with zero compromise between sustainability and quality. We also support our customers with their responsibility which entails;

  • Do your research and look for sustainable alternatives. Not just the artificial turf, but also the system components are produces in a range of various ways. Look for sustainable components, but remember – never compromise with durability, functionality and player safety.
  • Follow the maintenance manual during the entire lifespan of the turf. This is to secure the field’s best possible performance during the entire lifetime of the system. It both reduces risk of injuries for the player, and it secures the durability of the field.
  • Never dispose a pitch without knowing exactly what will happen to it. And this includes getting a certificate that certifies your pitch as recycled. Never send a pitch off without controlling the third-party company, or the facility it’s being sent off to.
  • Make sure to include recycling/ proper handling of the old turf in the tender. Set proper handling and disposal of your turf as a demand and not a “bonus”. Set certified recycling as a requirement to participate in the tender. Then control this process with whomever qualifies for delivery.

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Unisport collaborates with Re-Match to secure proper recycling of artificial grass fields in the Nordics

Already in the design phase of the artificial turf systems, Unisport takes recycling into account. All components need to meet the highest requirement during its use, but Unisport also looks at the durability and recyclability if its components. For example, by using PU coated backing instead of latex. At the end of life, latex can only be used as a filler for different low-grade products. PU-backing continues to have a function after its life under the turf and can be reused in numerous applications.

Unisport has chosen Re-Match as their partner for the recycling of artificial grass. Re-Match offers the only green, patented technology on the market, that makes recycling of worn-out turf a beneficial deal for everyone - including the environment. Re-Match has received EUs Environmental Technology Verification (ETV), a verified solution for sustainable recycling.

The recycling Re-Match does for Unisport is of the highest quality available in the market, and the products generated from artificial turf fields are suitable to re-use in our system design and installations. Without leaving any waste from the original components we provide the opportunity to dispose and recycle the used artificial grass fields without negatively effecting the environment. This means, that the customer can dispose of old turf in an environmentally friendly way. Re-Match can separate all the components and reuse them in the turf industry or sell the standalone products for other purposes.

Uniport’s goal is to develop fully sustainable solutions and to maximize the positive environmental footprint, but never compromising on quality, durability, functionality or safety.

Sustainable solutions and products for easier and more environmentally friendly recycling

We created the Saltex LegacyTM system to be 100% recyclable. The grass is coated with a PU-backing. Saltex BioFillTM infill is 100% biobased and biodegradable, and therefor recycling is not the only end of life option. It even degenerates in nature, although we do not promote littering – that being said, the BioFillTM solution has many end-of-life options to consider. Read more about them here >

The PowerPlay shockpad is installed under the artificial grass and is a crucial part of the system. It provides sport functional characteristics together with the performance infill and provides safety and comfort to the field. The Saltex PowerPlay is integrated in a “take-back” system. At the end of its lifetime, we can take back the PowerPlay and produce new shockpad based on the old materials. This way we secure that all components are reused or recycled in a sustainable and correct manner.

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