Borgen Climbing Frame - Four Panel

For maximum enjoyment and climbing opportunities.

Want it all? The Borgen four panel arrangement comprises of all four module types (Wall Bars, Hand Hold, Circular Voids and Rope Ladder). The first three panels form the sliding 'Base' unit, whilst the Rope Ladder module is added as a single pivoting module to one side of the 'Base' unit, allowing a Linking Beam to span between the two, from which a Cargo Net or Climbing Ropes are suspended.  

A single Wall Bar module can be added between the 'Base' unit and the single module, creating a complete run when the frames are folded against the wall and offering further linking and climbing opportunities when the system is in use.

Borgen Climbing Four Panel Arrangement by Unisport

Why Borgen?

Borgen is a climbing system designed in cooperation with gymnastic coaches and teachers. With Borgen, creating an attractive climbing frame - or even a whole climbing course - is fast and easy.

Folded together, the system takes up no more space than ordinary wall bars. By combining the different modules you can create a variety of different climbing systems. All modules are available as left and right-hinged versions. They can be used individually or in combination.

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