Borgen Climbing Frame - Two Panel

A modern frame in a traditional arrangement.

The Two Panel Borgen Arrangement combines a traditional hinged wall bar arrangement with the modern climbing activities afforded by the Borgen Climbing System.

Two pivoting modules fold out from the wall and are joined at high level using the Borgen Linking Beam, from which items such as the Borgen Climbing Net or Climbing Ropes can be suspended.

Borgen Climbing System Two Panel Arrangement by Unisport

Why Borgen?

Borgen is a climbing system designed in cooperation with gymnastic coaches and teachers. With Borgen, creating an attractive climbing frame - or even a whole climbing course - is fast and easy.

Folded together, the system takes up no more space than ordinary wall bars. By combining the different modules you can create a variety of different climbing systems. All modules are available as left and right-hinged versions. They can be used individually or in combination.

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