Anti-Slip Canvas Druggets

Flax Canvas is the traditional material used for floor druggets and even with the modern fabrics available, flax remains one of the most suitable for the job.
This system allows for the protection of games hall floor surfaces when being used for purposes such as assemblies, examinations or functions where it is desirable to protect the playing surface of the floor from desk & chair legs, outdoor footwear, etc.
The material is a coarse, hard wearing, durable cloth and is Flame Resistant to BS5287:1988. It comes with an Anti-Slip coating which reduces movement under foot.


Anti-Slip Canvas Druggets Floor Protection by Unisport

Supplied in easily handled sections, linked with 50mm Velcro strips to minimize tripping hazard.

Note: It is strongly suggested that edges are taped to floor at door thresholds, etc., where a tripping hazard may exist. We also strongly recommend the use of a Transport / Storage Trolley to minimise manual handling issues. This can be quoted as an optional extra.

Just supply us with your hall dimensions and we will create your bespoke quotation.

Product Code: MIS-DRU-AS

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