Changing Rooms

Thanks to our own production, we can offer many different types of changing room solutions. The possibilities are endless, and together we can build changing rooms specially adapted to suit your needs.

Different sports, such as Ice hockey, Floorball and Football all have different requirements and we can offer a range of customised solutions to suit. Our standard range of changing room equipment includes a variety of benches, changing benches, coat hook rails, storage cabinets and lockers, etc.

The type of material used depends on the design of the facility and how it will be used. All wooden details are lacquered pine as standard, but are also available in a number of other types of wood or high pressure laminate. Stands and brackets are made of lacquered steel. The coat hook rails are delivered with pre-mounted hooks, whilst benches are supplied in sets for fast assembly on site.

Storage lockers

We also offer a range of clothing and equipment lockers in many different sizes and colours. Z-shaped lockers when you need extra space. Small cupboards in wall and floor models for keys, mobile phones, computers etc. Also available with an internal power outlet for charging options.

Bespoke Changing Units

Our in-house manufactured Changing Units have turned into a big success and can be customised according to your requirements. These units offer generous storage space for each player - A private booth where the player can store clothes, shoes, skates etc. The units are entirely manufactured according to requests and we have delivered everything from standard solutions to luxury models.

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