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We have extensive experience in the provision of Fitness Equipment and can call on a vast range of expertise to help find the solutions that are right for you.

We offer a wide range of Fitness Equipment and solutions to meet your needs.  Furthermore, we understand the importance of getting the right equipment in the right places to help maximise the functionality of your facility.  With that in mind, our dedicated team of experienced individuals are on hand to guide you through the process of kitting out your fitness facility from day one, right through to completion...and beyond.

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Cardio machines are often the most popular machines on the gym floor.  Making sure you have the right cardio range for your members is essential in running a successful fitness venue.


One of the oldest styles of training is regaining popularity, largely due to its versatility and accessibility.  Boost your training with top quality equipment and notice the difference.


Free weights training is a critical provision for almost all types of gym.  We offer a range of dumbbells, barbells, Olympic bars, plates and accessories in order to meet the diverse free weights needs of our clients.

Gym Design

We offer high quality, bespoke gym design solutions.  We apply our gym design principles across the board, from personal trainer studios to independent clubs, local authorities to hotels, and sports clubs to CrossFit boxes.

With a wealth of experience, we are able to call upon different experts from within our team depending on your specific requirements.  This allows us to provide an individually tailored proposal and exceptional gym design service from start to finish.

design gym

To begin with, we'll have an initial consultation to help us understand your objectives.  The design process starts with a complete understanding of what type of facility you want to create, the USPs that your business is built upon and an even better understanding of the target customer who's going to use the space.

In order to create the perfect training space, our experienced designers will advise on layout, interiors, flooring and finishes, as well as guiding you to your final choice in fitness equipment.

We can help you visualise your project using 3D designs and 360 degree video walkthroughs using the latest software and VR headsets.

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