Flip Seat

Tough, weather resistant polypropylene seats and backs provides exceptional value for money for large scale venues and is the number one choice for General Admission seating.

spectator flip seating by Unisport

It has a linked, self-tipping design and can be adapted to suit a variety of seat centre sizes. Optional plastic arms can be added.

Available in a range of attractive standard colours including: Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black and Red. Additional colours of your choice are available subject to quantity - contact us for more details.

For indoor use you can choose Crib 5 level fire retardant seats. The strong steel leg frames can be painted in a wide variety of matching or contrasting colours – either with or without galvanisation for additional weather proofing or use in swimming pool environments.

Plastic bushes and sleeves prevent metal to metal contact for ease of use and longer life. The leg frames can be fitted to either the terrace risers or treads and will be designed and custom made to match individual needs.

Key Features:

  • Seat and back moulded in polypropylene with colour fastness of 7-8 on the blue wool scale, dependent on colour. 
  • Passes flammability test to ignition source 0 & 1 of BS5852.
  • Passes strength test to level 5 of BS4875 parts 1 & 3 - Severe Contract Use.
  • Optional extras include armrests, upholstery and galvanisation - please ask for details.

Product Code: SEA-FLIP

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