Foldable Bleachers

Seating for a large number of spectators can be stored in a very small space with these folding bleachers. Their clever design allows the seating to be folded into a space as shallow as 300mm when not in use, leaving a safe surface for hall users.

Fixed folding bleachers spectator seating by Unisport

Our foldable seating is a unique product that enables flexible solutions in several ways. The seating system can be placed in any room requiring spectator seating, it is easy to fold away by one person manually due to the built-in gas springs, it requires minimum space when not being used and it is made of robust steel that provides durable and stable seating. Furthermore, when not in use a practical rebound surface is left. The careful attention to detail makes the seating safe as well as practical. The system takes up minimal space when stored and is divided into sections. Each section is 2020mm wide, which can seat four people per row.

Key Features:

  • European patent and Swedish design.  Easily raised and lowered by one person.
  • Stairs, side protection, railing and seat pads can be added as optional extras.
  • Available in 2-5 row versions with the option of either manual or electric operation.

Product Code: SEA-FOL-F

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George Keith

Country Manager UK

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Michael Scott

Business Development Manager UK


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