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Pop-up Gymnastic Anchors

gymnastic anchor by Unisport

Gymnastic floor anchors are manufactured from stainless steel with integrated dust covers.

Pop-up tethering point for safe deployment of gymnastic equipment.

Gymnastic equipment anchors are available for solid and sprung floors. The anchors themselves are 48mm in diameter and vary in length according to the floor/sub-floor structure. For solid floors they are a maximum length of 140mm. For spring floors they are a maximum of 185mm. they are fixed in position using a chemical resin. 

Optional item (not included unless stated otherwise on quotation)

With sprung timber floors, a capping plate can be used, with the flip-up anchor positioned just below the cap. This comprises of a brass collar which is fixed to the floor and a timber cap which is held in using spring loaded ball bearings. This arrangement avoids any damage to the floor or anchor as the sprung floor settles and moves (which will happen naturally).

Key Features:

  • Manufactured from stainless steel with integrated dust covers.
  • Available to suit solid or sprung sports floors.
  • Can be fitted with bushings / capping plates as an optional extra.

Product Code: ANC-GYM

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