Motorised Dividers

Whilst traditional Sports Hall Curtains are a great budget option, this can often prove to be a false economy in the long run as they often need repaired or replaced every 5-10 years, either through wear and tear or misuse.  Where acoustic separation is required, the solutions are often either very bulky or very expensive.  They can also be very time consuming to set-up, meaning that valuable time can be lost between lets.  Manual handling issues also need to be taken into account when considering heavier or bulkier dividers.

Our range of Motorised Dividers eliminate these issues, providing a long-lasting, cost-effective solution that removes all manual handling and allows a space to be completely transformed in a matter of seconds.

The Benefits

Increased Lifespan - On average Motorised Dividers last 3-5 times longer than a conventional Sports Hall Curtain.*

Increased Profitability - Motorised Sports Walls can be raised and lowered in a matter of seconds, allowing a space to be easily divided - creating opportunities for larger volumes of usage and allowing a number of different groups of users to use the hall at the same time.  Multiple dividers can be placed at right angles to one another, allowing a variety of different configurations to suit different levels of usage and spatial needs.

Fit the Contours of your Building** - Unlike other dividers that require a horizontal track to run on, our Motorised Dividers can be made to fit awkward roof profiles, meaning that the divider can be fully raised into the roof space when it's not in use, allowing a completely clear space below with no impact on the sports being played.

No Manual Handling - All of our Motorised Dividers feature a simple key switch operation, meaning that absolutely no manual handling is required, whilst also ensuring that the dividers can only be operated by staff - helping to reduce the potential risk of damage.

Quality Marking - All of our Motorised Walls are CE marked, meaning you can rest assured you are getting a quality and tested product.

*Assuming a regular servicing schedule and the correct operating procedures are followed.

**T500 model only.

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