Oriam, Scotland's Performance Sports Centre

The concept of Oriam, Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre, was developed as a result of findings reported in the McLeish report into Scottish Football. The aim of Oriam is to provide our top sportsmen and women with the facilities, access and support services pivotal for successful performance on the international stage.

Oriam, National Performance Centre for Sport

While the roots of investment into creating Oriam was driven by performance sport, the organisation is focussed on three key pillars; performance, student & community. Oriam is committed to contributing to the health of the nation through both enabling access to facilities and provision of programmes and services targeted at a range of different user groups.

Oriam, National Performance Centre for Sport

Unisport provided Motorised Dividers for both the Football Pitch and Sports hall which were able to fit to the curve of the roof. Interestingly the roof of the football pitch is curved to the same trajectory as Roberto Carlos' famous 1997 free kick vs France. Also provided were a wide range of basketball goals including matchplay and practice versions with some bespoke to fit the design of the building.

Oriam National Performance Centre for Sport

Unisport also provided side protection netting for both the Sports Hall and Football Pitch as well as an array of Handball specific netting, scoreboards and other ancillary equipment. 

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