Creating a Colourful and Inviting Playground with Bergo Tiles

A great way to introduce colour into your playground

School playgrounds tend to be large, grey, tarmacked areas.  This is often a by-product of a lack of investment in an area that is vitally important to encouraging movement and instilling healthy traits in young people that will stick with them into their adult life.

In the UK, guidance recommends that children receive a minimum of 2 hours of physical education per week, however with so many other activities within the curriculum and limited resources that is often as much as they get.  This means that the time they spend in the playground is often the biggest opportunity for physical activity.

It’s therefore vitally important that they are presented with a playground that is inviting and inspires them to move.

One way of doing this is to introduce colour into an otherwise “grey” or “dull” area.  An excellent way to do this is to use coloured tiles that can be laid on top of the tarmac surface to quickly and easily provide an inviting area pre-marked with a variety of courts.  The photo below shows a court using Bergo tiles, which are both affordable and easy to install.

Bergo Tiles Outdoor Sports Flooring by Unisport

The tiles can withstand all climates and the design allows water to drain through, meaning that you don’t need to worry about pooling of water on the surface.  On top of this, as the tiles are modular, if you ever wanted to alter the layout of the playground they can be easily moved or changed to provide a fresh look. 

Bergo Tiles Outdoor Sports Flooring by Unisport

Another benefit of the Bergo tiles is that they can incorporate a variety of different playground markings, such as Hop Scotch, Mazes or even Running Tracks.  These provide a range of colourful challenges for children that are brighter and more inviting than the traditional method of simply painting them on the tarmac, and in turn can encourage a variety of different types of movement where otherwise a child might simply walk from A to B.  The image below shows how these can be incorporated within an overall scheme for a playground area to provide a range of different activities and sporting opportunities for children to take part in.

Bergo Tiles Outdoor Sport Flooring by Unisport

Bergo tiles are so easy to install that the children can actually be involved in the laying process.  Not only will they gain an understanding of the construction process, but they will again be emotionally invested in the play area – it will be their space that they helped to create and their enjoyment of playing in it will be further enhanced.

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Creating a Colourful and Inviting Playground with Bergo Tiles

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