Schools Badminton Posts

Wheelaway Schools Badminton Posts.

Wheelaway schools badminton posts by Unisport

Recommended for club and school use. These posts are ideal for practice at all levels.

The uprights do not protrude into the court area, conforming to the required safety standard.

The "H" shaped bases have built-in weights and are fitted with rubber pads for floor protection.

Posts are attached to the base with a spring clip mechanism and can easily be detached for storage. 

Key Features:

  • Ideal for schools.
  • 1.55m high uprights made from 40mm diameter steel. The uprights have a grooved top for the net headline and welded cleats.
  • 12kg base means netting can be drawn tight without movement of the upright.
  • Base dimentions - 732mm x 330mm.
  • Wide double wheels are housed in extra strong fabricated brackets and will not mark or dent floors. 
  • Includes 6.1m long net.

Product Code: BAD-SCH

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