Spectator Seating for Friends Arena, Stockholm

Friends Arena, Sweden's national arena for football, chose telescope stands and lounges from Unisport with space for 50,000 sitting guests at sports and up to 65,000 guests at concerts.

The chair concept has been developed to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for comfort, safety and longevity.

The colors of the chairs come in two different blue shades as well as yellow and are specially designed for Friends Arena.

About Friends Arena

Friends Arena is created to make the experience optimal for you as a guest. The flexibility, scalability, proximity to the arena floor, the comfortable chairs, a visual experience beyond the ordinary and world-class acoustics make Friends Arena unique in Sweden. This means that we can attract the best artists and athletes here and give the organizers the best conditions for creating great moments.


Our Telescopic Stands

  • Allows flexible and optimal use of your training facility dependent on seating requirements
  • Can be motorized or controlled manually
  • Fits both the smaller gym and the large arena
  • Meets all applicable EU requirements for construction and fire
  • Can be combined with wooden, plastic or upholstered chairs.
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