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If you are in the early stages think through and plan your sports hall so you can get much more out of the activity area. What is the purpose of the hall? Is it a ball hall, gymnastics hall or a school gymnasium? Does it need to handle audience capacity and therefore have a seating system? Maybe it needs to meet international competition standards and probably there should be changing rooms.


Tailor-made sports hall equipment & school gym equipment

- You've got the surface – we've got the equipment
Our products have been around for a long time. We have over 90 years of experience and over a thousand successful sports hall facilities behind us. Tailor-made, customized overall solutions belong to our everyday life. Often you want the same sports hall to be used to its fullest capacity by many different users for different activities.

Our experienced project managers and technicians are here to create a good and well planned hall, big or small. Our products include everything necessary to fit out the hall, in order to meet the requirements and requests from our customers. We have products to suit all levels from exercise to international competition levels.

We will help you with everything necessary for the construction of a new sports facility, from idea and planning to installation and ongoing service. We can customize as desired since we have our own production. No solutions are impossible, we see no problems, only possibilities!

RANTZOW'S Locker rooms

Thanks to our own production, we can offer many different types of locker room solutions. The possibilities are endless, and together we can build locker rooms specially adapted to every single sports hall. Ice hockey, floorball or football, they all require their customized solutions. Our standard range of locker rooms include a variety of benches, changing benches, coat hook rails, storage cabinets and lockers etc. The type of material used depends on the design of the facility and how it will be used. The wooden details are in the standard version made of lacquered pine but are also available in a number of other types of wood. Stands and brackets are made of lacquered steel. The coat hook rails are delivered with mounted coat hooks. The benches are supplied in sets for fast assembly on site.

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Storage lockers

We also offer lockers in sheet metal. Clothing and equipment lockers in many different sizes and colours. Z-shaped lockers when you need extra space. Small cupboards in wall and floor models for keys, mobile phones, computers etc. Also available with internal power outlet for charging options.

RANTZOW's dressing room lockers

Our in-house manufactured wooden lockers have turned into a big success and can be customized according to customer requirements. These dressing lockers offer generous storage space for each player. A private booth where the player can store clothes, shoes, skates etc. The lockers are entirely manufactured according to requests and we have delivered everything from standard solutions to luxury models.

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Curtain dividing wall

With a curtain dividing wall, you can optimize the use of sports halls, gymnastics halls and arenas by easily dividing large areas. Diedrich curtain dividing walls have capacity for wall openings up to approximately 300 m2 and are available in many different designs. They can be used as sound-absorbing walls, solely ball stops or visual shielding. Diedrich double-skin curtain dividing walls are lowered and retracted with heavy-duty cables running through loops on the inside of their double skin. The single-skin walls have cables that run along one side of the wall. The wall is operated by an electric motor which is located in the centre over it. The motor type is dimensioned in relation to the wall size. The operation is executed using a non-locking key switch.

Our range includes curtain dividing walls, combi walls and net walls. Contact us to find out more!

Our range of sports hall equipment also includes:

  • RANTZOW'S Beam system
  • RANTZOW'S Gymnastic rings
  • RANTZOW'S Climbing ropes
  • RANTZOW'S Wall Bars
  • The Castle climbing system
  • RANTZOW'S Storage Elevators
  • Sports hall gates
  • Scoreboards
  • Climbing walls
  • Stage podiums
  • Mirrors
  • Ballet barres

Our assortment includes a wide range of accessories and equipment for floor hockey, football, handball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, tennis and ice hockey such as goals, sticks, balls, nets etc.

With extensive experience in product development and construction of sports halls and equipment for sports halls, we help you to find the best solutions for your needs and circumstances.

Please contact us for advice, sketches, quotes or other questions regarding your upcoming sports hall project.

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