Super Heavyweight Goals with Locking Sockets

Super heavyweight goals complete with a bayonet locking method to ensure that unauthorised persons cannot remove posts without unbolting the crossbars.

super heavyweight goals with locking posts by Unisport

Key Features:

  • Uprights and crossbars are manufactured from 76mm diameter x 3mm thick steel.
  • Polyester powder coated white.
  • Complete with four 460mm deep sockets with 80.9mm diameter internal measurement.
  • Sockets are designed to allow uprights to sit 313mm deep into socket.
  • All external bolts are stainless steel.
  • Complete with 24 synthetic arrow net hooks.

Please note: This method of locking the upright into the sockets can only be used on new installations as a special socket is required.

Product Code: FBL-058

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