Telescopic Seating

Bespoke retractable seating systems to suit your needs.

Our seating systems can accommodate a wide range of seat options varying in material, model and type. Many of our standard seat types can be incorporated in the telescopic systems, whilst bespoke options - such as timber and upholstered seats - can also be included.

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Telescopic Seating - Nya Idrottshuset, Örebro - Sweden

A complete range of telescopic seating for flexible solutions

Our arena seats can be supplied in a range of materials and finishes depending on the area of use and client requirements. The systems can be fully customised, with different types of wood and textiles available for the seats, along with bespoke colours for steelwork, etc.

The seats can be adapted to suit any specific project.  Stands can feature corner system solutions, vomitories, standing places, press desks, partial opening / closing, along with ventilation holes for enhanced air circulation.

The seats can be delivered with or without upholstery, fully automatic or as manual tip-ups. Telescopic seats are also available as mobile bleachers that can be easily moved between various areas as required.

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Rosvalla Arena, Nyköping - Sweden

Durability, safety and environment

Our comfortable spectator seats are designed to withstand the tough requirements for durability in Sports Halls and Sports Arenas.  Our Telescopic Seating Systems have undergone very strict static load calculations.  They comply with all EN- requirements and regulations for telescopic seating systems, regarding construction and fire resistance.  Project-specific CE- documents are issued at each facility we manufacture, which is unique to the industry. The construction of the Telescopic Seating is made of 100% recyclable pure steel material.

Planning seating systems

It's extremely important to get your facility ready for telescopic seating at an early stage of the project - bearing it in mind when locating the various playing fields for the different sports.  There are very strict regulations for recreational areas, for example Handball Courts.

We have extensive experience in planning, delivering and installing different seating systems in many sports halls, gymnastic halls and arenas all over the UK and Scandinavia.

Please contact us for a free consultation, a drawing suggestion, price or if you have any other questions regarding your upcoming project.

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