Tip-Up Seat

Tip up seat injection moulded in stabilised high quality copolymer polypropylene, shiny surface.

Tip Up spectator seating by Unisport

Reinforcement beams in the swinging conjoint are manufactured by the injection of a material formed of polymeric matrix reinforced with fibreglass, which brings resistance and comfort to the whole assembly.

Chassis in steel profiles hot laminated S275 hot galvanised or oven painted. The seat tips-up by counterweight or by spring action, optionally with track limitator.

Light resistance

Additive anti-UV, protection 8.000 hours WOM

Resistance to severe public use (vandalism)

UNE EN 12727:01 (Fv=950 N, Fh=330N, 200000 cycles)

Fire resistance (optional)

Classification M2

Metallic brackets

Made of hot laminated steel profiles S275 JR (UNE-EN 10025) hot galvanised according to regulation EN/ISO 1461:1999 or surface covering of electrostatic paint in oven at 220 ÂșC. Individual brackets available for riser or floor mounted installation, mono-arm / mono-foot, with variable length and inclination, the base plate has 3/4 anchoring points, enable fixing to any bleacher profile. Alternatively, supports in benches of 2, 3 or 4 seats.

Product Code: SEA-AB

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