Water Polo Field

The Anti Wave Polo Field combines the best of Anti Wave's Water Polo products to create a field that is at the forefront of design and quality internationally. 

Swimming pool water polo field by Unisport

Marked by the famous Anti Wave Lanes, can be supplied with either the Midi-lane, which as a diameter of 110mm, or the Maxi-lane which has a diameter of 150mm to minimise water disturbance and wash effect on players.

We can also supply an additional set of lanes for marking a Women's field of play, along wit ha wide range of competition equipment, including Goal Judge Stations, Officials Platforms and Walkways, Storage Reels, Goals and Storage Baskets for balls. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Key Features:

  • Each field consists of 2 No. lanes suitable for a pool length of up to 50m and a plating area of up to 30m (men's) and 8 No. Goal Lanes for anchoring goals and denoting the field of play.
  • Available in 110mm (medi) or 150mm (maxi) diameter lanes, various competition accessories available, please contact us for more information.

Product Code: SWI-POLO-FIELD

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