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At Unisport, we focus on using processes and products that are not only of best quality but also responsible and economically sound. We continuously develop our processes and innovate even more environmentally friendly products aiming to not only minimise our negative ecological footprint and pollution but to create the largest possible positive footprint – this is our legacy. Our key production facilities comply with the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.

Changing the game: Saltex Legacy™ and Saltex BioFill™ - Our journey to a sustainable football field

As one of the leading FIFA Preferred Providers, Saltex – now part of the Unisport Group, has a long history of innovative and environmentally friendly thinking in the artificial turf industry. In 2012, Saltex for example changed all of its turf backings from SBR latex to PU, which is 100% recyclable and creates 30% less raw material waste. The same year, Saltex also introduced the drainage pad system PP23D that improves water efficiency and reduces the environmental loads both during installation and field use. Saltex has also taken actions to minimise the use of microplastics in the industry by for example using backing material without fleece and developing yarns that require no wrapping fiber. Wrapping fiber is normally used in the artificial grass production process and ends up as unnecessary plastic waste in the environment.

Now, as part of the Unisport Group, Saltex would like to introduce its most recent and game changing innovation: The FIFA approved Saltex Legacy™- artificial grass system with Saltex Biofill™ - a 100% natural and environmentally friendly infill material for artificial turf.

Saltex Biofill is focusing on reducing the use of raw material, reducing the impact on the environment and improving playing characteristics. The new material is completely organic and fully biodegradable, produced in a controlled environment, based on non-GMO renewable feedstock and complying with REACH as an article.
During the lifetime of an artificial grass field, it is normal for the infill to move out of the field and into the environment (and our homes). With Saltex Biofill, the environment is no longer in danger as the material is certified as 100% biodegradable and organic causing no harm to nature, waters, animals or ourselves.

Finally we can say that we have developed the most environmentally friendly artificial turf system in the market and we can’t wait to share it with the world!

All of our Saltex systems also meet the highest standards available in respect to environmental impact: DIN 18035-7 | EN 12457-3 | EN 13656.

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Saltex BioFill™

A 100% natural and environmentally friendly infill material for artificial turf.

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