Hybrid System

A hybrid grass system combines the best characteristics of natural grass with the wear tolerance and durability of artificial grass. The natural grass is reinforced with artificial grass fibres which extends its durability.

XtraGrass Hybrid System – The Best Of Both Worlds 

With XtraGrass hybrid turf you simply get the best of both worlds- a perfect combination of the desirable playing characteristics of natural grass and the excellent durability of artificial grass.

The hybrid grass system XtraGrass consists of artificial grass woven together with a smooth and firm backing that can immediately be laid on top of the desired surface without too much groundwork. The XtraGrass is filled with a planting bed suited for the root system of the grass, into which the grass seed is then planted. It's important that the planting bed underneath is identical to the one in the grass system. 

unisport xtragrass
After a few days the grass seeds start to grow and intertwine with the artificial grass fibres. While the grass grows parts of the backing/mat biodegrades leaving space for the roots to penetrate the system, further down into the soil underneath. The result is an extremely strong structure which means that XtraGrass can be played on up to three times as much as a comparable natural grass pitch. 
The task of artificial grass is to reduce the pressure and wear and tear on the natural grass which makes the natural grass more resilient and durable compared to a standard natural grass pitch. A pitch with divots (abrasion damage from sliding tackles, etc.) is a thing of the past as the structure and construction of XtraGrass hold the grass in its place.

Advantages of XtraGrass hybrid grass:

  • Patented hybrid system, a combination of natural grass and artificial grass. 
  • Playing characteristics from natural grass, wear resistance from artificial grass. 
  • A high-quality system that can handle more hours of use and extend the season. 
  • Good protection for root system and grass. No big divots due to grass being kicked up. 
  • With XtraGrass the playing hours increase. 
  • A cost effective solution. 

Hybrid Grass - An Ideal Solution 

 XtraGrass hybrid grass system is an ideal solution for arenas/clubs that want a natural grass system with high quality that can handle more playing hours. 

Sweden's First Hybrid Grass Pitch  

In 2016 Unisport installed XtraGrass on the first hybrid grass pitch in Sweden, Lagavallen in Ljungby. In spring 2017 we will install XtraGrass at Kristianstad Arena. 

hybrid grass football unisport

Video from the first game in Sweden (Lagavallen, Ljungby) on hybrid grass.

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