Ice Arenas and Ice Rinks

Ice Hockey, Bandy, Curling and other special surfaces for Ice Skating. Often it's a matter of complex facilities with multiple units for different activities and events on ice. We are your complete partner when it comes to ice arenas. We handle everything from getting the concrete slab, cooling system, glazing, stands, score boards and locker rooms on site. We have the overall solution for your ice rink and we are experts in soldering and assembly of plastic tube systems, glazing, cooling machines and ice resurfacer machines. We have machines, licenses and experience in soldering of polyethylene tubes from 16 to 800mm.

Ice rinks solutions

Many of the ice rinks that have been built the last 15 years in England and France, have been built with our participation. The facilities have been of varied nature, ice hocke, bandy, curling and special surfaces. We have noticed that recreation facilities for ice skating have become fairly common. These facilities are often technically complex with many different units for different activities, anything from tilted ice surfaces to climbing walls and nightclubs.

Ice Hockey Surround Glazing

We deliver and install glazing equipment for ice rinks according to the needs on the market. We provide a complete solutions that expertly meet the needs of every single arena. All projects are tailor-made to suit the needs of each customer and project. Glazing constructions and ice rink products are always delivered according to the lateste regulations. The demands placed upon the glazing feature and need for safety have grown considerably as the game has become tougher.

NoFall solutions for your ice rink

NoFall is a rail that can be fitted over the rink, onto which a special harness is attached. The harness acts as an aid for figure skaters in training, but also for ice skaters with some form of physical disability. This allows the ice to be used for a greater number of purposes and opens up access to manu more users. Contact us and we will tell you more about the NoFall-harness.

plastic ice

Plastic Ice - an affordable alternative to real ice

With the plastic ice Scan-ICE you can go ice skating, regardless of temperature and weather conditions. The product is a very affordable alternative to real ice and consists of 100% eco-friendly materials. Scan-ICE can be installed on all smooth surfaces both indoors and outdoors. When installing, a firm and stable surface such asphalt, concrete, wood or something similar is required.  

Scan-ICE ® is excellent for various technique exercises, especially stickhandling and skating techniques in smaller areas.

Scan-ICE is also a very good option to provice access to regular ice training. During warmer seasons, you can conduct summer training on the surface, use it for youth camps or simply for recreational ice skating.


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