Inspiring communities and people

 – Live to move. Move to live

Our vision: A healthier society. Our purpose: To make people move!

This is why we get out of bed every morning. Why we train so hard. This is why we are in business. In everything we do, our first priority is to make people move more.
By delivering interesting, stimulating and challenging sport facilities and equipment to the communities, we inspire more people to move, making them healthier and happier. The benefits of this go far beyond any individual and contribute to a healthier society as a whole.

We want to see children dropping their mobile phones and playing outside, we want to see somebody who almost gave up, start running again, we want to see top athletes making their records, we want to see friends having fun while exercising, we want to see every day people feel passioned and inspired by sports and wellbeing. We want to support the joy of movement and participation and make people live to move and move to live!

This is why we also actively promote sports by co-operating with communities and sponsoring local sport clubs, organisations and events. Unisport has also established a partnership with the Finnish Olympic committee and together try to develop the best possible sport facilities in Finland.

We know that our employees are the key to Unisport’s success. Being the Nordic leader in the sporting facility construction industry depends strongly on the knowledge, passion, dedication and performance of our employees. Our professional team consists of over 340 employees representing 8 nationalities in 7 countries and we want Unisport to be an inspiring and safe workplace to them all! Our personnel strategy aims to ensure the engagement, motivation and continuous development of our employees. We also actively encourage our employees to move and stay healthy!

Our internal Unisport Academy maintains and enhances Unisport’s competitive edge and company spirit by providing internal education and professional development possibilities to all Unisport employees. Unisport Academy is a vehicle for creating and safeguarding the organizational culture; the Unisport way of working, as well as the development of the practical workplace skills such as leadership or project and sales management. The Unisport Academy is a strategic instrument for the organization to train the employees within the Unisport Group to be the best in the industry.

The Unisport Code of Conduct policy was established in 2018 – The Code of Conduct sets out standards of behaviour required from the directors, employees and representatives of the Unisport Group– including all the affiliated companies within the Unisport Group.
Unisport is committed to follow all applicable laws and regulations including the labour and environmental laws and human rights – in our own operations and in relation to our business partners and towards society.

We act responsibly in relation to colleagues, customers, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, the environment and the whole society we are working and living in. We strive to improve the conditions for health, environment and sustainable development for the society. We support and respect the international agreements on human rights, as expressed in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. As an employer, Unisport accepts labour rights stated by the International Labour Organization (ILO): freedom of association, the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, the abolition of forced labour and equality of opportunity and treatment.
The integrity, reputation and profitability of Unisport ultimately depend upon the individual actions of our directors, officers, employees and representatives.

Saltex BioFill™

A 100% natural and environmentally friendly infill material for artificial turf.

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