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The health trend to exercise outdoors is growing. An easy way to encourage a healthier lifestyle is to offer outdoor fitness, obstacle courses and other playground and training stations in various designs and difficulty levels. By installing outdoor training stations - either in the areas sorrunding  your facility, or as stand-alone facilities, you encourage spontaneous training and movement at all hours, all year round. Our goal is to create pleasant, attractive and functional outdoor environments for everybody, regardless of age and ability level.

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Complete Range of Outdoor Gyms and Other Training Stations

Our range includes several models of mobile and stationary units and outdoor gyms in different designs, materials, styles and difficulty levels. An open-air gym or training station is suitable for both city and park environments - next to the football pitch, in the gounds of shared accomodation, at your training facility, along a jogging track etc. The possibilities and locations are unlimited and with a mobile outdoor gym, you also have the advantage to move it if you wish.

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Design Sketches

With the help of design sketches, we can help our customers discover the potential of their surrounding areas in order to entice and attract as many people as possible. We help you with a concept in which different stations, either individually or together, can be combined to your liking to suit different age groups and the available space.

Quality and Durability

The combination of carefully selected materials and solid and smart constructions ensures long durability and inspiring outdoor environments for many years to come. All our equipment meets the applicable standards on security and safety.

Advantages of Building Outdoor Gyms and Training Stations

The benefits of creating one or more out door stations include:

  •     It creates a fun and easily accessible form of exercise.  
  •     Simple exercises customized for different levels.  
  •     It creates a natural and social meeting place for everybody.  
  •     Quality, -safe machinery and equipment for all kinds of weather.
  •     Various models adapted to different environments provicing something for everybody.

With extensive experience in product development and installation of fitness equipment and stations for outdoor use, we help you find the best solution for your needs. Please contact us for advice, sketches, cost proposals or with any other questions regarding your upcoming outdoor project.

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Martin Lund

Product Manager Outdoor Gym & Outdoor Activities

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Thomas Törnkvist

Business Unit Manager Gym/Fitness & Outdoor Activities


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