Rantzows Storage Hoists

Finding Storage space on the floor for sports equipment is no easy task. However, there is often a great deal of free space at the ceiling which can be utilised with the assistance of our storage hoists.

Safely store equipment at high level

The hoists satisfy the applicable legislation and are CE marked. We prioritise safety - which is why all of our hoists come with extra motor protection, carbine hooks with screw locks, reinforced wall brackets and safety-rated cable as standard.

Mat Hoist

förvaringshiss mattor nedslagsmattor rantzows unisport

White (RAL 9016) varnished yoke.  Hoist platform made of varnished pine boards. Available in 2 models: "Double" and "Single".

Product features / benefits:

  • Frees up floor space
  • Simplifies cleaning
  • Easy to use - operated by a key switch
  • Increases product lifespan
  • 230V motor with extra motor protection
  • Can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted.
  • Suitable for mats up to 4000mm x 2000mm x 400mm with a maximum total weight of 75kg with standard motor.

Goal Hoist

förvaringshiss handbollsmål rantzows unisport

As above, but with a strap instead of a timber cradle to allow goals to be attached and hoisted to high level. Ideal for items such as Handball Goals, small-sided Football Goals, etc.

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