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Saltex BioFlex™

Saltex BioFlex™ is the newest member of our infill portfolio, developed to meet player safety, highest sport functional criteria and care about the environment.

A unique alternative for non infill artificial turf fields

Due to the design of Saltex BioFlex™, no additional stabilization or performance infill is required in the artificial turf system, and
because of its weight, migration of infill is significantly reduced. Saltex BioFlex™ is a coated mineral. The coating is approved for usage in toys and production in direct contact with food. The infill is water repellant, meets the REACH requirements and has zero content of 18 PAH’s.

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With a design to reduce infill splash

Saltex BioFlex™ has the unique characteristic to stay in the field already purely by it’s weight, which is an unique characteristic. This is best proven by the mandatory Splash test according FIFA2015. Below are comparison between different systems, system 1 is SBR with standard turf and system 2 is BioFlex™ with standard turf, system 3 is BioFlex™ with Saltex Legacy® 35 turf. Using Saltex Bioflex™ together with standard turf reduces splash over 70% and using Saltex Bioflex™ together with Saltex Legacy® 35 turf reduces splash over approx 85%.


  • DIN 18035-7:2014 
  • EN/DS 71-3 (Toy safety)
  • VOC emission - Approved (DIN EN 16516:2018-01, RAL DE-UZ120)
  • Fire behavior -  Bfl - S1
  • FDA Food contact status - 21 CFR 176.170
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Anjo van der Wende

Head of Turf Product Management and Marketing

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