Unique expertise

With unique expertise and extensive experience in the industry, we have seen how important it is that sports grounds, arenas and other activity areas from the beginning are planned and designed on the basis of the conditions that apply. Likewise, it is also important that maintanance and service get prioratized in order to maintain a safe and high standard for many years. If maintenance and service get neglected, the quality of surfaces and equipment will be reduced and the risk of accidents will increase.

Tailor-made service concepts

Unisport offers tailor-made service concepts that cover sports facilities and activity areas. We can help you with everything, from design to complete and customized solutions, equipment and maintenance throughout the their entire life cycle.

Guidence in the planning stage

Get help from our talented employees that know what is important to prioratize in the planning stage in order to get the best out of a completed sports hall or activity area. In this way, you as a customer can always feel safe and and be sure that your facilities always will meet the requirements asked for, as well as maintaining the highest possible quality for many years to come.

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Planning also makes the conditions for assembly of for example interiors easier and more cost effective. The more we can help you from the start, the smoother the construction and assembly work will run. We will help you with drawings and solution proposals. Thanks to our own manufacturing of products many things can be tailor-made in order to make your specific sports hall or activity area work in the best way.

Support sports articles

Even when it comes to sports articles, such as football goals, handball goals, ice hockey goals and balls, we offer advice. Our personnel have unique skills that often are based on the enormous interest in the sport and/or actually being a practitioner of the sport.


What is required for the daily maintenance of your arena or artificial grass pitch? To make the facilities as effective as possible, and to make sure they are run in the correct way in order to maintain a high standard for a long time, we can help you to train the person in charge of operations and maintenance, for example arena managers and pitch attendants. We are here to support you, also after the completion of the project .

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Christian Andersson

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