Unisport & Fairtrade

We are part of a system for sustainable production and trade

We understand that working for a sustainable industry demands time, energy and sheer will. And we understand that even though we manufacture safe and environmentally friendly solutions, where no one else can, it can only take us halfway. That is why Unisport now has certified Fairtrade products and actively work towards a sustainable international trade.

unisport fører produkter sertifisert av fairtrade

Fairtrade helps us to put extra focus on the resources we use and ensure that we act as socially sustainable as possible. At the same time, the certification helps us work holistically and systematically towards a greener future.

Several of our sport ball products for a wide range of sports can be found with the Fairtrade label. This is because the process in which they produced, are certified according to the requirements and standards set by Fairtrade. We at Unisport are very proud of being able to secure that our goods were made in ways that help improve the lives of workers and protect the environment.

unisport fairtrade bærekraft miljø


Legislation applicable to public procurement indicates that the client must have routines in accordance with work to promote basic human rights in the procurement. In other words, public procurement brings municipalities and other official purchasers a unique opportunity to demand products and good that consider people and the environment. Streamline the process and demand certified products to ensure that the environment, sustainability and human rights are safeguarded – in this way you become an active contributor to sustainable consumption!

If you want more information regarding how to move forward with sustainable procurement, contact our staff for guidance – and let’s work sustainably together.

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