Unisport - Your One Stop Shop Supplier

Our turnkey solutions provide the best conditions for athletes and spectators. Together we can offer our customers a complete product range and comprehensive service concepts for indoor and outdoor sports.


Through our own production we can guarantee good quality products and reliable delivery times. Artificial turf is manufactured in our factory in Alajärvi, Finland. A large part of our sports hall range is manufactured in our factory in Hjärnarp, Sweden. Thanks to our own production, we can easily offer customized solutions.

Together we are stronger

The merger between Unisport-Saltex and Kerko Group means major benefits for our customers. Together can we serve our clients with a complete one-stop service.

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Live to move. Move to live.

By building in fun experiences in our facilities and equipment,
we get more people using them and more movement for people, leading to better health and more happiness in the society as  a whole. In everything we do, our first priority is to help our customers make people move.

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Unique service concepts

Unisport offers tailor-made service concepts that cover sports facilities and activity areas.

We can help you with everything, from design to complete and customized solutions, equipment and maintenance throughout the their entire life cycle.

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