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We regularly work with Main Contractors to help deliver projects.  We are happy to be involved at all stages of the construction process and pride ourselves in helping you by:

  • Adding knowledge and specialism
  • Aiding decision making
  • Avoiding hidden costs
  • Preventing unnecessary delays
  • Ensuring suitable product selection

No matter how early in the construction process, there are a number of ways in which we can be of assistance:

Layout Proposals and Advice - If you project is a Design & Build or you require assistance with the setting-out of equipment, we can help by providing full CAD Sports Equipment layout proposals, which you can in turn present to your client for comment or sign-off.  

Fixing and Technical Advice - We have a comprehensive library of technical data available to detail the sizes and fixing requirements of our products. Furthermore, our technical team are on hand to talk through specific requirements and/or make site visits if required. Early attention to the fixing requirements for Sports Equipment helps to ensure that any secondary supports are accounted for and additional costs, delays or compromises later in the project are all avoided.

Product Development and Bespoke Solutions - Every project is unique, and occasionally such projects provide unique challenges that 'off-the-shelf- products cannot meet.  We pride ourselves in being able to rise to these challenges.  We work closely with our product designers to produce bespoke designs to meet these needs.  

Value Engineering - We understand that everyone project has a budget and at times money needs to be saved.  We are always happy to discuss alternative products and/or cost effective solutions to help make sure your project can be delivered within budget.

Whilst we are always happy to discuss your requirements in detail, below is some information that is important to keep in mind when you work with a sub-contractor.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


References – do some research, has the sub-contractor fitted out sports facilities in cooperation with your company before? Have they fitted out any sports facilities in the immediate area? If so, are they satisfied with the sub-contractor and the performance of the sports floor/equipment/artificial grass that was supplied?


Products and guarantees – is the product manufactured in-house or is it imported from Asia? To choose products that are made in-house often gives possibilities for customised and unique solutions, it’s also a win for the environment with shorter delivery routes. In addition, the warranty period may vary from different suppliers and products.


One or many subcontractors – we believe that there are clear advantages to choosing ONE sub-contractor, a sub-contractor that can offer a comprehensive concept and supply changing rooms/gym/seating systems/flooring or artificial grass and also provide ongoing maintenance. Benefits can be found in the installation phase (time savings) and that you only need to be in contact with one sub-contractor.

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Matthew Berry

Technical Sales Representative


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