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Below is information that is important to keep in mind when you work with a sub-contractor.

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References – do a proper research, has the subcontractor done sports facilities in cooperation with your company before? Have they done sports facilities in the immediate area? Are they satisfied with the subcontractor and the performance of the sports floor/tools/artificial grass they have chosen?


Products and guarantees – is the product manufactured in-house or is it imported from Asia? To choose products that are made in-house often gives possibilities for customized and unique solutions, it’s also a win for the environment with shorter delivery routes. Warranty period may vary from different suppliers and products.


One or many subcontractors – we believe that there are clear advantages to choose ONE subcontractor, a subcontractor that can offer a comprehensive concept and supply changing rooms/gym/seating systems/floor or artificial grass and service concepts. Benefits can be found in the installation phase (time savings) and that you only need to be in contact with one subcontractor.

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