COVID-19 Acting Responsibly

Unisport committed long ago to play a leading role in making a difference for a healthier society.​

It is therefore a natural responsibility for us to follow the development of the global virus outbreak, as we know you all are. Our focus is on reducing every possible risk and helping keep our communities safe and well. We recognize this includes finding the best possible ways to ​keep people physically active, even under these difficult circumstances. ​

​At present all regions where we operate are affected. In addition, we are also an active part of an interconnected world.​

We believe it is essential to follow the recommendations made by local authorities and the World Health Organization, and we ask our employees to follow preventive recommendations and minimize risk in whatever we do. It is clear that the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, partners and society at large is our highest priority - this goes hand in hand with our core values. ​

To meet the current situation we have set up a Corona response team, allowing us to be best prepared and take action if and when needed. ​

​As a precautionary measure we have imposed a ban on international business travel across the entire group. Within local offices appropriate restrictions are announced and we regularly evaluate how to best serve each society according to local instructions. Non-essential business travel has been postponed or re-arranged as virtual meetings. We encourage everyone to stay up to date and well informed. By taking responsible precautions and working together with you, we remain ready to serve your needs.​

In case you have any related questions please do not hesitate to call us.

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