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We are delighted to offer support and advice from day one of your project.  Whether it be discussing key considerations, advising on the most suitable products or proposing innovative solutions.

We are passionate about your project and our aim is to help your sports facilities be the best they can be.

Whilst we are always happy to discuss your requirements in detail, below is some information that is important to keep in mind before ordering equipment for your facilities.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Performance – what level of use is the facility intended for?  Is it to be used for ordinary amateur sports or elite sports? Make sure you ask the clubs/end users that will use the facility what their performance requirements are.


References – do some research and have a look at sports facilities in the immediate area. Are they satisfied with the service provider and the performance of the sports floor/equipment/artificial grass they have chosen?


Products and guarantees – is the product manufactured in-house or is it imported from Asia? To choose products that are made in-house often gives possibilities for customised and unique solutions, it’s also a win for the environment with shorter delivery routes. In addition, the warranty period may vary from different suppliers and products.


Maintenance and service – the correct maintenance and service routines extend the life expectancy of the products. Make sure that the supplier can provide complete service concepts and service teams working near the facility in question.


Experience – does the supplier already have a long history of installations? Does the supplier keep track of standards, regulations and specific provisions? An experienced supplier can usually provide support in the form of drawings, advice and customised solutions (if needed).


Environmental issues - find out if the supplier is actively working with solutions respecting the environment. Find out if the supplier can offer services related to collection and handling of old products and waste.

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