School gymnastics equipment

Gymnastics engage and unite a huge amount of people all over the world and have something to offer people of all ages. Unisport offers custom solutions, training and enterprise development for both athletes and amateurs.

Own production of high quality gymnastic equipment

Our classic Rantzow-equipment for school gymnastics represent swedish craftsmanship at its best. We stand for quality, stability and functionality. Much of our equipment is produced in our own factory in HjÀrnarp. We use wood of absolutely highest quality. All equipment gets treated with a finish and some are padded and upholstered for highest comfort. In our wide assortment you obviously also find equipment for professional gymnastics as well as mats and foam products.

In-house production opens up the possibilitity for unique client customizations, for instance, Rantzow's gymnastics benches in optional colours or Rantzow's wall bars in various colours or types of wood. We are also well-known for our high quality plinths and vaulting bucks that are upholstered in genuine bull leather. Genuine materials extend the product's life expectancy and performance. Rantzow's combi plinths exist in various models. The same goes for our vaulting bucks and vaulting boxes, as well as our classic gymnastics benches with hooks. Rantzow's trampettes come in numerous different models as well as our trampolines and springboards do.

school gymnastic equipment unisport rantzows

In our school gymnastics line we have products as

  • Wall bars
  • Plinths
  • Vaulting bucks
  • Gymnastic rings
  • Balance beam systems
  • Mats
  • Balls

Please contact oss for consultation and cost proposals for the products that fit your needs and requests.

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