Sports Flooring

Unisport installs approximatly 150,000 m2 of Sports flooring every year in the Nordic countries. We offer all existing types of sports floors as Gerflor Taraflex vinyl, wooden floors from Boen and polyurethane floors (PU) from Porplastic.

Sports floors with sub-floor constructions

We offer complete sports flooring systems with sub-floor constructions as well as refurbishments of existing sports and activities flooring. We have mobile sports flooring systems that can easily be laid for temporary competitions, as well as covering systems to protect existing sports floors when used for other events.

The right sports floor – an important factor for a successful Sports Hall

Regardless of the sports floor being used by children, youth, joggers or elite sportspeople, it's very important that the installed floor meets your requirements. To make the choice of a sports floor as effective as possible for the intended user group it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Comfort
    The floor has to be designed to suit the appropriate needs of the user in order to protect the body's ligaments and joints.
  • Safety
    The floor must provide the correct amount of friction.  This is important in order to assure fast and safe movement.
  • Life Expectancy
    A new sports floor is a big investment and should have a long life expectancy.
  • Maintenance
    The floor has to be durable and easy to keep clean.

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Three types of Sports Floorings

When you talk about sports flooring you start from three different types:

Point-elastic Sports Floor: a soft coating, often a mat over a hard surface, for example concrete. Recommended for smaller sports halls, nursery schools and activity areas.

Area-elastic Sports Floor; a hard coating, for example wood installed on top of a flexible sleeper construction (underfloor). Recommended for sports halls with a focus on basketball when you want the best possible ball rebound you can get.

Combined-elastic sports floor: in this case the floor has a flexible sub construction in combination with a point elastic coating, for example Taraflex sports mat. Recommended for all types of gymnastics as well as sports halls adapted for any other exercise.

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Inspections of Sports Halls

At Unisport, we can also help you with Sports Hall inspections to make sure they are kept in the best possible condition to prevent costly ongoing repairs, as well as accidents.  The inspections are done by our own certificated inspectors who have extensive expertise and knowledge within this area.

With over 20 years of experience in the business and a tradition of continuous development, we offer our clients unique and bespoke solutions and services when it comes to Sports Floors and Sports Halls.

Please contact us for your no-obligation consultation. Let us help with design sketches, quotations or other questions regarding your upcoming project. We can help you to find the best solution for your specific needs.

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