Sports Hall Inspection

We have worked with certified sports hall inspections for many years and follows each countires regulations and routine descriptions, with purpose to prevent accidents and incidents.  Through a careful and systematic work, we contribute to the long-term safety of the sports hall.

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Trained and certified service technicians

Our trained and certified service technicians are professional, competent, meticulous experts that always put safety first. Our service technicians are certified in, among other things, hot works, scaffolding, operating scissor lifts and HILTI-drilling. Everyone of them of course also has an ID06.

A complete partner

We are a reliable and complete partner. We know when it's time for a safety inspection and we follow the each countries recommendation regarding inspection intervals and quality secured inspection work. After completed inspection, a protocol will be set up in the facility and a copy sent to the client. You can of course always consult us about actions in the sports hall and if you receive any complaints to ensure the safety of the hall.

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Assembly team

Installation and service of sports hall equipments are done by our own assembly teams who have many years of experience in our products and system solutions. Our assemblers have the necessary training and we are certified according to the quality system ISO 9001-2008. We also perform all the installation associated with our project sales of new arenas, sports halls and interiors, as well as ongoing and emergency service of tools and sports hall equipment. Unisport is simply a reliable and complete partner for you as a sports hall manager.

Andreas Rantzow

Business Unit Manager / Indoor +46 (0)431 44 92 21 Sweden

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André Jönsson

Business Unit Manager Service / Aftersales +46 (0) 431 44 92 37 Sweden

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