Telescopic Seating System

Telescopic Seating is for those who want to get the most from their facilities.  With Telescopic Seating, you can easily and effectively adapt your activity space to suit different types of activities or events, large and small.

Telescopic Seating Systems for flexible and optimal use of your arena

In less that 2 minutes, a Sports hall or Arena with Telescopic Seating for about 1,000 people can turn into a completely usable area ready for other activities to take place.  Our systems are suited to both small School Gymnasiums and full Multi-Purpose Arenas alike. 

A range of solutions to meet your needs

We can offer a wide range of finishes and solutions to meet your needs. Seating can be provided in the form of individual chairs or benches, made of either wood or plastic, available with or without upholstery, with either fully automatic or manual operation.

Choose freely between different types of wood, fabrics, the colour of steel parts, etc. The stands can also be equipped with front panels in different wood types or colours to give the Telescopic Seating a more "native" look. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

teleskopläktare och läktarstolar från unisport

High Safety and environmental standards

Our Telescopic Seating system has undergone very strict static load calculations and meets all applicable EN requirements and regulations. Project-specific CE documents are issued for each facility we supply, which is unique to the industry.

Our environmental efforts are continually finding the best and most environmentally friendly materials.  We always suggest using our environmentally friendly moulded plywood as first choice over plastic chairs. The units are made of pure steel which is 100% recyclable.

Design and planning
Early design and planning is extremely important, as the relationship with courts (e.g. for Basketball, Handball, etc.) needs to be considered to ensure the relevant regulations are adhered to in terms of run-offs, etc.

Please contact us for a free consultation or drawing proposal.

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Telescopic Stand against a wall - in the open and closed position

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Telescopic Stand for balcony - in the open and closed position

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Mobile Telescopic Stand - in the open and closed position

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