Become one of us

We are always looking for the right people in the right place in order to achieve the best results possible. We seek people who have a great sense of self-motivation, who are creative problem solvers and enjoy collaboration and networking in an international environment - people with a strong desire to add value.

If you think Unisport can give you the right challenge do not hesitate to contact us. Also check the open positions in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Become one of us


Work with the best.
We inspire each other by sharing knowledge and ideas, collaborating to achieve excellence, and taking pride in our work.


Make a difference.
We deliver unparalleled value every day by inspiring our clients, engaging our colleagues, and supporting our communities to a healthier lifestyle.


Value one another.
We recognize what matters by appreciating contributions, embracing perspectives, and supporting each other professionally and personally.

Live to move. Move to live.

By building in fun experiences in our facilities and equipment,
we get more people using them and more movement for people, leading to better health and more happiness in the society as  a whole. In everything we do, our first priority is to help our customers make people move.

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