Unisport was established in 2015 through a merger of Unisport from Sweden and Saltex from Finland. Combining Saltex’ R&D and production capability with Unisport’s market position enabled the company to provide increasingly better products and services to its customers.

In 2016, the company acquired Kerko Group and Rantzows in order to execute the one-stop-shop strategy and to capture the market leader position also in indoor sports facilities and sports equipment throughout the Nordics.

Unisport has continued to execute further acquisitions (RH-Asennus, Urheilulattiat-Indoors, Virklund Sport, and Jäämestarit) to strengthen its market position and offering in the Nordics. Unisport is today the clear market leader in sports facilities surfaces and equipment in the Nordic countries.

Together we have more than 100 years of history and experience!

2018 Jäämestarit (Finland)
2018 Virklund Sport (Denmark)
2017 Urheilulattia-Indoors (Finland)
2017 RH-Asennus Oy (Finland)
2016 Kerko Group (Finland)
2016 Rantzows (Sweden)
2015 Saltex (Finland)
2015 Unisport (Sweden)





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